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ProSort Touch version history

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1 ProSort Touch version history on 2016-02-01, 11:05 am

Download the latest Pro-Sort update

Software 1.0.16 / Firmware 2.36

  • In the HOME Menu:
    - Changed Setup to Configuration
    - Changed Diagnostics to Maintenance
  • In the Settings menu:
    - Market Sort is now Market/Gilt Sort
    - Changed color sort options to Inactive, All Painted, Market/Gilt
    - Sort limit can now be changed while market/gilt sort is active
  • Changed minimum training mode gate switch time to 20 minutes
  • Improved calibration screen
  • Improved update instructions
  • Improved operation of alarm relay

Software 1.0.14 / Firmware 2.34

  • Initial release version of Pro-Sort Touch
  • Requires Omni Select Sort version

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