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AutoFlex version history

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1 AutoFlex version history on 2015-12-14, 12:12 pm

If you have any RM-4 v1.04 modules, contact your dealer or Phason for instructions on how to update them BEFORE doing updates listed here.

How to find your AutoFlex version
On the AutoFlex control go to the configuration menu (blocks icon) and choose About. You will see versions for Software, Firmware and SD Image.
(If SD Image is not listed, update the operating system BEFORE updating the software and firmware)

For versions of modules (IN-4, RM-4, ACT-1, VDC-4), press the 'module' button in the bottom-right corner of the About screen.
All instructions and update files are at

Be sure the Omni Select software is updated to the latest version after updating the AutoFlex control.


Software v1.1.8 - Firmware v1.12 (Omni Select v1.3.3.0 required)

  • Added Digital Input function to the IN-4 input board.
    This allows an open or close signal from a device to trigger an alarm. For example, it can detect when a motor starter trips its thermal overload and will send an alarm.
    It also allows for a secondary modifier action. For example, it can turn off soakers based on a proximity switch or gate closure.
  • Added an actuator jam retry button on AutoFlex alarm screen and in the Select Automation software.
    When an actuator jams, an alarm is generated and the actuator will stop where it is and not move until the button is pressed.
  • Added delayed start for relays.
    When the AutoFlex starts, all relays programmed as Cool or Follow Output (var AC/DC) will come on in sequence with a user-defined time delay. For example with a delay time of 5 seconds and 6 relays programmed as above, one relay will turn on every 5 seconds for a total start time of 25 seconds. All other outputs will not be delayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the status screen shows the first page correctly and then either goes blank or only shows the zone temperature.

Software v1.1.0 - Firmware v1.06 (Omni Select v1.3.2.0 required)

  • Added support for wind speed, static pressure, and rain sensors as secondary modifiers. Also added alarms for wind and static pressure.
  • Added support for 14-module expansion box.
  • Added option to disable audible alarm.
  • Improved descriptions and layout of several screens.
  • Improved Viewer Setup to include global inputs and retain configuration after power-cycle or replacing a module.
  • Improved handling of replacing modules or swapping their position on the mounting board.
  • Fixed bug where a value of 32767 or similar is displayed on the viewer, which also affected outputs that were following the erroneous output.

Software v1.06 - Firmware v1.04
Improved stability during a module change or a power reset.

Software v1.04 - Firmware v1.02 - SD Image v1.00R
Initial production release - minimum recommended version for all AutoFlex controls.

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