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Using 1-phase (120/240 VAC) and 3-phase (208 VAC) on a control

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For relay stages on a Phason control, it is acceptable to use 120 VAC to power the control and 240 VAC to power the relay load. The opposite will also work, for example 240 VAC powering the control and 120 VAC powering the relay load. 

For AC variable stages on a control, the power for the stage and the control MUST BE FROM AN IDENTICAL SOURCE. If they are not, the fan motors will not vary speed properly and may growl, hum, speed up or down incorrectly or sustain damage.

Examples of INCORRECT power configuration for control and variable stage:

  • Two generators
  • A generator and mains power
  • Single phase (120/240 VAC) and 208 VAC from two 3-phase legs
  • Single phase (120/240 VAC) from two different 3-phase legs.

If using 208 VAC to power the control and variable stage, the power source must be from the same two 3-phase legs for ALL variable stages.

In the older 3-phase delta configuration do not use the 240V from the high or wild leg for either the AC variable stage or the control. The voltage when using this connection is not balanced like it is across the other two legs.

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