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OMNI Select version history

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1 OMNI Select version history on 2015-09-09, 1:41 pm

Download the latest OMNI Select version


  • (General) Fixed startup error seen on some Windows XP computers.
  • (General) Fixed problem where ToolKit will show classic power blocks (PB-2, PB-3, etc) communicating normally using the "Check for all devices" button when there is a loopback connector on the communication line. They will now only show a response when the line has no loopback connector.
  • (General) Improved backup retention so a minimum of 5 backups will be retained regardless of age.


  • (General) Fixed problem where a secondary backup location could not be chosen using the browse button.

Automation changes require AutoFlex version SW 1.1.8, FW 1.12.

  • (Automation) Added digital input support. This allows connection from a sensor or switch that provides an open or closed dry contact. The state of the digital input can be used to alarm and/or override any device connected to the AutoFlex.
  • (Automation) Added a ‘jam retry’ button in the status viewer to allow a reposition of an actuator that has a jam alarm. If the reposition is successful, the jam alarm is cleared.
  • (Automation) Added wiring diagrams for input choices in Configure AutoFlex section.
  • (Sort) Improved Market Forecast report so it can be used within 24 hours after hogs are market sorted (removed) from a herd.
  • (General) Added a ToolKit button to the bottom of the screen after login.


  • (General) Added link to version history when 'Check for updates' is pressed.
  • (General) Improved software startup time.
  • (General) Fixed non-administrator user permissions. They would sometimes change to 'view only'.
  • (Automation) Added AutoFlex hardware manual to help menu.
  • (Sort) Improved performance when starting a new herd. Depending on user practices, a new herd would sometimes record no or very few hits.
    Resolution: The scale now resets max and min weights immediately when user goes into training mode. If training mode is not used, they will reset at midnight if there are too many hits outside the max and min limits.
  • (Ventilation) Fixed problem where if a power block had ONLY timed events configured then the 'edit settings' button would not be available.


  • (Ventilation & Site) Fixed temperature chart where if all values are negative, the chart does not scale properly and results in a straight line at zero.
  • (Automation) Added message in communication center when an AutoFlex module has been changed to a different position. User is told to confirm hardware change by going to the Configure AutoFlex screen.


  • (Automation) Added AutoFlex-Mini support
  • (Automation) Added support in AutoFlex and AutoFlex-Mini for wind speed, static pressure and rain sensors as secondary modifiers. Also added alarms for wind speed and static pressure.
  • (Sort) Added Pro-Sort Touch support
  • (Alert) Added more times to the alarm repeat interval (15,30,60,90,120,180 min, 24hr)
  • (General) Fixed bug where wireless radio may not communicate to a device under certain conditions
  • (General) Fixed bug on startup when running Windows XP


  • Improved performance for AutoFlex.
  • In the Site / Configuration / Buildings tab, added a list of devices that are assigned to each building.
  • Added support for iWire. ToolKit will work with either iWire or PWA wireless radios.


  • Misc performance improvements


  • Added automatic check for latest OMNI Select version in Site / Configuration / Site information tab
  • Created 'Swine' version of OMNI Select. This version is for those that have a hog facility. The standard OMNI Select version remains for all other facilities.
  • Added a Restore button in Site / Configuration to launch the Restore Database program.
  • Fixed issue where alarms for an 'unknown device' may occur.
  • (Weather) Added wind chill to weather station viewer screen
  • (Sort) Fixed the Sort Summary Viewer where it did not update a sorter that you needed to scroll down to see. This was only an issue for those with more than 14 ProSort scales.
  • (Sort) Fixed the Market Sort report where a report made for the current day showed no data even though there were market animals sorted.
  • (Ventilation) Added support for the PBx-HMC (heat mat control)
  • (Ventilation) In the temperature report, moved summary to the beginning.
  • (Ventilation) Improved Current Status report.
  • (Environments) Improved chart legend behaviour and input and date selection.

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