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PLC version history

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1 PLC version history on 2015-05-13, 4:02 pm

You can purchase the latest version of PLC firmware from your dealer or Phason.

v1.00 - Added support for Easy Programmer software. Improved power failure recovery to prevent a case where the variable stages may not turn on.
v0.16 - Improved clock function to prevent a case where the time may jump by hours during a power brown-out.
v0.15 - Fixed a bug where if relay 2 is programmed as independent, it will turn off when a trigger occurs in Group A or B.
v0.13 - Fixed a bug where a light program using days 254-256 will cause the PLC to jump to an incorrect day. Fixed manual override for V3 and V4 outputs that didn't work when the light program was disabled.
v0.10 - Added support for PLC Saver.

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