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PEC+ old style: EPS, EPF or no4 codes

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1 PEC+ old style: EPS, EPF or no4 codes on 2012-11-22, 1:16 pm

An EPS or EPF code on an old style PEC+ means it has gone into an abnormal state because of a power problem or damage to the control. A no4 code normally means the #4 button is pressed and you just have to press OK. However, sometimes it appears when there is a problem with the board, similar to the EPS or EPF codes.

Reset control power at the breaker. If this doesn't fix it, reset factory defaults with these steps: 
WARNING: This will erase all settings. You will need to re-enter them after the reset.

  1. Turn off control power at the breaker
  2. Press and hold the Up and Down buttons
  3. Turn on the power. Continue to hold the buttons for a count of 10.

If this doesn't work after several attempts, the faceplate is damaged and needs to be replaced with replacement kit number K310003.

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