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Need 6 motor controller

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1 Need 6 motor controller on 2015-03-19, 9:57 am

Is there a temperature based controller for (6) 1/2 HP motors, variable speed?
It seems like the MTC controllers would be overloaded.

I have seen one where there is a controller that will handle 2 motors and slave units that will handle 2 more, and unlimited slave units can be added.

Do you have some solution like that, or a product that will  handle the amps?


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2 Re: Need 6 motor controller on 2015-03-19, 3:12 pm

You're right, the MTC control would be overloaded.

We have no single output variable control like the MTC that will support slaves. 

The closest we have is the Supra control that has 4 variable outputs (plus 12 relays). It also supports slaves but you would only need them if you're using 120 VAC given the ratings.

Each variable stage of the Supra can handle 1/2 HP @ 120 VAC and 1 HP @ 230 VAC (ratings sheet). If you're using 120 volts, use two PSU-20 slaves for the extra two motors.

Of course cost can become a limiting factor if your budget is MTC-sized.

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