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Device naming strategy for Select software

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The main strategy for naming devices is to have a unique name for each. That way you will be able to easily identify them in the reports and alarm messages.

Some devices like the Local Environment Monitor (LEM) and Omni Water Monitor (OWM) will have multiple inputs. These will need input names as well as device names. 
For example, you could have an OWM in building 1 and another in building 2. Each OWM is connected to 5 water meters, one for each of 5 rooms. The room numbers are the same in each building.
So the name for OWM in building 1 is B1: Rooms 1-5 and the one in building 2 is named B2: Rooms 1-5. The inputs are named B1Rm1, B1Rm2, etc. and B2Rm1, B2Rm2, etc. This naming provides a unique name for each input.

Another version of this example is if the room numbers did not repeat between buildings. In this case the OWM names could be Rooms 1-5 and Rooms 6-10. The resulting input names could be Room 1, Room 2, Room 3, etc. without the building designation since they are unique on their own.

Other devices will just need a name for the device. For example, the Prosort scale (PS-1) or Power Block (PBx-11) could be named North Sorter or Room 1. Of course if there is another 'North Sorter' in building 2, add a B1 and B2 designation to the names to make them unique.

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