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RS485-FD and RS485A specifications

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1 RS485-FD and RS485A specifications on 2014-06-05, 2:37 pm

The RS485A uses a 9 volt DC, 500mA power supply with a negative outside/positive inside barrel connector.

The RS485-FD uses power from the USB port on the computer and has no separate power supply.

On both models, the communication terminals A, B, C, D are Transmit(-), Transmit(+), Receive(-), Receive(+) respectively.

If connecting to a fiber/network-to-serial converter, connect terminals A, B, C, D on the RS485 to Transmit(-), Transmit(+), Receive(-), Receive(+) respectively on the fiber/network converter.

Terminal E is a common reference for communications and should always be used. It will reduce electrical interference and help prevent poor communications. Read the RS485-FD installation guide for complete wiring instructions.

Terminal 1 is for an alarm loop that was used in the discontinued OMNI-4000.

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