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Supra version history

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1 Supra version history on 2014-05-23, 4:37 pm

All currently manufactured Supras have a firmware version starting with 3. Older Supras have different electronic parts and have a firmware version starting with 2. However, both versions have identical features and functions.

When a new version is released, both versions 2 and 3 are updated and are identical. For example, v2.04 is identical to v3.04.

A version 2 (or earlier) Supra requires the Intaglio for updates.
A version 3 Supra requires the Supra Updater for updates.

Version 2 and 3 history
x.04 - Added Supraware support for 0-10 VDC variable stages
x.03 - Added tunnel mode setpoint for each zone. This setpoint now changes with the zone setpoint. Removed Set/View VAR Stages from the Diagnostics menu.
x.02 - Improved actuator status display
x.00 - Added configurable startup delay, temperature setback, four 0-10 VDC variable stages, tunnel mode (one common to all zones), relay run times, temperature and humidity daily extremes. Improved logging capability.

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