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PBx-10 & 11 version history

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1 PBx-10 & 11 version history on 2014-05-23, 3:37 pm

v1.14 - Improved operation when using actuators with limit switches set at maximum positions. Some actuators with limit switches set fully open and closed would not position correctly. They would not move at all or would move in the opposite direction of where it should be moving.

v1.12 - Fixed bug where the Manual Override light would turn off after 5 minutes. It now stays on until you exit Manual Override. 
v1.11 - Improved communication in electrically noisy environments
v1.10 - Fixed missing data in temperature chart
v1.07 - Added adjustable delayed startup for control and stages.
v1.06 (PBx-10), v1.03 (PBx-11) - Added support for eXtend Zone.

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