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SEC-HD: 'A EE' or 'A IE' error code

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1 SEC-HD: 'A EE' or 'A IE' error code on 2013-03-22, 4:42 pm

Problem Description
An A EE or A IE error code on an SEC-HD indicates that an internal error has occurred. This can be caused by power fluctuations and electrical interference from other electrical equipment.

Adjust and store a parameter. Next, turn the power off and on to clear the alarm.

If that doesn't clear the alarm, reset the factory defaults by holding down the PROG and STORE buttons for 5 seconds as you turn the power on. This will erase all settings so be sure you know them so you can enter them back in.

If the recommendations above don't clear the alarm then the memory is
damaged. Replace the faceplate with replacement kit K310055.

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