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SELECT SORT: The display stays on "Closing head..." or "Closing tail..."

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Possible Causes

  1. The sensor is not connected properly.
  2. The sensor is damaged.
  3. The hose connections do not match the poweroff configuration.


  1. Verify the tailgate and headgate sensors are connected in the correct terminals in the scale head. Refer to the PS-1 manual for wiring details.
  2. Use the Sensor Display function on the scale head to verify the sensor is working. It's located in Maintenance under the Advanced menu. Manually open and close the gate or place a metallic object near the sensor and the sensor status will change if it is working.
    The light in the sensor housing turns on and off when it changes states. However, the light may work even if the sensor is damaged.
    If the sensor is not working, disable the sensor until you can replace it.

    If you disable the tailgate sensor the scale may weigh animals before the tailgate closes, resulting in a lighter weight reading.
    If you disable the headgate sensor the headgate will bump every time an animal goes through the scale. Limit this by adjusting the headgate retry value in the software.
  3. Switch off the power to the scale head and then observe the gate positions. Make sure the poweroff configuration in the software is the same.

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