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Fan motor growls and doesn't turn

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1 Fan motor growls and doesn't turn on 2013-01-09, 4:31 pm

The fan motor must be a permanent-split capacitor (PSC) or shaded pole type in order to work correctly. If it is one of these types, continue to the tests below.

Bypass the control and see if the motor works at full speed
If the motor doesn't run at full speed then there is a problem with the motor or the wiring to it.

Disconnect the black wire from the LINE and disconnect the blue wire from the motor. Connect the
LINE directly to the motor - it should run full speed.

Disconnect the LINE at terminal 1 and the motor wire from terminal 4. Connect these wires together and the fan should run at full speed.

Disconnect the motor from the control at the stage terminals. Connect the two wires together and the motor should run at full speed.

Idle speed may be set too low
Increase the idle speed. 

If the control has a stage test or manual override, use this to determine what setting is required to run the motor at a minimum speed. 

If the control has motor curves (TVS, SEC-HD, PEC, PEC-
PLUS, SUPRA), select a motor curve that produces the desired output.

Test for electrical noise and probe damage
For the MTC-3C and MTC-4C that don't have a temperature display, electrical noise or a damaged probe may be causing the problem unaware. For controls with a display it is more obvious since it will cause the temperature to fluctuate erratically.

If the control has extended probe wire, replace it with a spare probe right at the control. If there is better performance, this indicates excessive electrical noise induced onto the probe or the probe is damaged. Reposition the original probe wire or replace it. If using shielded cable, ground ONE END ONLY to prevent ground loop potential.

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