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Inlet actuator does not move when control is in manual mode

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Possible causes

  1. Manual override box is set to Manual.
  2. Relay(s) are damaged on control.
  3. Wiring is incorrect.


  1. Set manual override box to Auto.
  2. Disconnect the open and close wire pairs from the relays in the control. Connect an ohm-meter across the 'open' terminal and use manual mode on the control to activate it. The meter should read zero when ON and a high value, OL or something similar when off. Do the same for the 'close' terminal.
    If a relay is damaged, replace it if the control is a Supra-RS or PEC-Plus-RS. Otherwise replace the back board.
  3. If the previous two solutions don't fix the problem, there is a wiring problem or fault with the actuator or external manual override box. The control is not at fault.

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