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Variable fan not running

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1 Variable fan not running on 2013-01-03, 3:01 pm

Possible cause

  1. Incorrect wiring. The control does not provide power to the load, it acts as a switch.
  2. The fuse is open or blown
  3. The variable stage is configured as OFF
  4. The idle speed setting is too low
  5. The Off At / Idle Range temperature setting is too high
  6. The temperature set point is above room temperature
  7. There is no power to the fan
  8. Faulty fan/heater
  9. Circuit breaker open


  1. Correct the wiring according to the user manual
  2. Check why the fuse was blown and repair any problems. Replace the fuse.
  3. Configure the variable stage for cooling
  4. Increase the idle speed setting
  5. Decrease the Off At / Idle Range temperature setting
  6. Adjust the temperature set point to the desired temperature
  7. Switch on the power
  8. Replace the equipment
  9. Reset the breaker

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