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No power or display

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1 No power or display on 2013-01-03, 10:07 am

Possible Cause

  1. Circuit breaker at service panel is off or tripped
  2. Incoming power wiring incorrect
  3. Display board inter-connect cable is unplugged from power supply board
  4. 115/230 VAC switch in the wrong position
  5. Fuse blown (AEC-2 only)


  1. Reset circuit breaker
  2. Wire according to user manual
  3. Turn off power, plug in display board cable and restore power
  4. Turn off power, set switch to the correct setting and restore power.
    NOTE: If the switch was set to 115 and you applied 208 or 230 volts, the control may not recover. In this case, replace the power board.
  5. Replace fuse with 15 Amp 250VAC ABC type, non-time delay

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